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Jiwater is the first artesian water in Indonesia with a lighter taste and more diverse benefits. Taking pure water from the rock layer in the ground that has gone through a natural filtration process, Jiwater has better quality to restore freshness and body fluids.

Jiwater was born as one of J99 Corp's innovations in the beverage industry. Is the first packaged artesian water from Indonesia as a result of a combination of cutting-edge technology and the natural wealth of the country, Jiwater can provide a variety of benefits for the body.

Through the best filtering technology and professionally processed, the benefits of Jiwater are not only good for the body but also good for skin health. The sporty and modern packaging makes Jiwater easy to carry for any activity.

Restore your body's fluids and freshness with Jiwater minerals. Skin health is maintained, body freshness is returned to its original state.

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