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Clean without a trace, say hello to Kosme Care, hand soap with a fresh fragrance of peppermint, bergamot and cinnamon oils. Remove fishy odors and oil residue completely every time you wash your hands.

Kosme Care is a hand soap made from selected oils. Created in 2021, Kosme Care has been used by a wide range of people for its efficacy in removing hand odor without drying out the skin.

The oil content in Kosme Care handwash products is able to change the texture of the foam to be soft, moisturize hand skin, and control hand skin oil production. There are 3 variants of Kosme Care including Kosme Lemon Lime with bergamot oil, Kosme Lemon Mint with peppermint oil, Kosme Lemon Spice with cinnamon oil.

Kosme Care products are suitable for the Indonesian habit of eating with their hands. No need to worry about fishy odor, oil-free and soft hands all day long.

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