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MS GLOW was born with a passion to make women beautiful inside and out and more empowered. MS GLOW not only provides skincare and beauty products but also provides a platform for economic independence. MS GLOW with its network system aspires to create 1 million womanpreneurs.

MS GLOW started its journey in 2013 as a local online skin and body care brand. MS GLOW itself stands for the motto Magic for Skin, where we want to provide the best care for Indonesian women.

Now, MS GLOW has grown into a brand that not only provides face and body care, but also cosmetics. MS GLOW has authorized Distributors, Agents, Members & Resellers almost all over Indonesia. Not stopping there, MS GLOW has even expanded overseas.

Not only for adult women, MS GLOW has also developed into a brand that reaches all groups ranging from children, teenagers, to men. MS GLOW also fulfills the needs of beauty and skin health from the outside and inside.

MS GLOW understands that skin beauty and health are the most important assets. Therefore, MS GLOW continues to maintain quality and obtain BPOM, Halal and clinically tested certifications to provide the best skin care.

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