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One service, many choices. Juragan99 Trans provides a variety of fleet services such as premium class, executive class, and towing. Booking tickets is hassle-free, travel comfort and service are the number one priority.

Juragan99 Trans is one of the business wings of J99 Corp. Engaged in transportation, Juragan99 Trans has equipped its fleet with a variety of services that suit customer needs.

Currently 20 Juragan99 bus units are ready to serve the Jakarta - Malang - Bali and tourism routes, which can be booked via the Juragan99 Trans application, juragan99trans.id website, representative agents, and social media @Juragan99Trans.

Currently, Juragan99 Trans connects Java Island to Bali with the route Jakarta - Malang - Bali. With premium to VIP bus fleet services and being a pioneer in the sleeper bus line, our bus is the first sleeper bus to have 11 seaters. In addition, Juragan99 Trans AKAP buses are the first to have complete toilets for both urination and defecation. We will continue to update these innovations to fulfill the needs of the community for a comfortable and safe travel experience.

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