We have proven to be a trusted partner to our customers, providing innovative product solutions using today's technology. Some of the commercial sectors we have marketed are cosmetic products, skin care for men and women, masks, fashion, hijab, and mineral water packaging. We believe that customer support and satisfaction is the key to mutual success in developing quality products.

MS GLOW Beauty offers the best selection of women's cosmetics and beauty products, to keep your face and body radiating and healthy.
MS Glow For Men is a local skincare brand for men, to treat and brighten the skin that is clinically tested.
Kosme Care is as handwash product that eliminates hand odor and bacteria conveniently and hygienically.
Always worrying about breakouts from wearing facemasks? Kosme Mask provides a solution with an excellent filtration rate of 95% and safe usage for all skin types in Indonesia.
MS Slim is here to help your weight loss journey without depriving anybody nutrients. Struggling to manage your diet? MS Slim is your solution.
Men’s Xperience offers a complete solution for adolescent boys to overcome dandruff, acne, body odor, and oily skin.
Healthy skin starts with the bedding. Use Mulsk Beauty’s silk pillowcase and find your face healthier the next day.
Anti-humid hijab to accompany during your packed days. Wear Shade Signature to boost daily productivity and improve mood.
As a high-quality apparel service provider, Fabrica is committed to providing the best garments by following the latest fashion trends.
Nainn is a brand that provides the most comprehensive sports apparel, equipments, and accessories; focusing on comfort and elegant style.
The first artesian water in Indonesia that comes from an underground. Restore your fluids and feel fresher with JiWater.

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