With Colorful Diversity as the theme, Juragan99's Halal Bihalal is Packed with Prizes and Stars

Colorful Diversity was the theme carried by J99 Corp at the Halal Bihalal 1443 H event which was held at the Grand Mercure Hotel.
colorful diversity, halal bihalal J99 1443 H

Colorful Diversity is the theme carried by J99 Corp at Halal Bihalal 1443 H at the Grand Mercure Hotel. The event was full of joy and was studded with stars and door prizes for the hundreds of employees who attended.

As the opening of the event, Ustadz Hanan Attaki provided sermons and shared motivation for J99 Corp employees, the majority of whom are from the millennial generation. Also enlivened by guest stars Tulus and Denny Caknan who made the atmosphere even warmer.

Apart from the moment of forgiveness, J99 Corp gave prizes to the 10 best employees in the form of an Umrah to the holy land. Apart from that, there were also door prizes in the form of precious metal gold, iPad, Honda Scoopy and Vespa. No less interesting, an internal competition was also held to build solidarity between employees with a total prize of 50 million in cash which they could take home. Not only that, J99 Corp also gives appreciation to employees with the best costumes.

"Currently there are more than 2,500 employees who have joined J99. "I can't imagine having this many employees and being this solid," said Gilang, who is familiarly called Juragan99.

Furthermore, Gilang and Shandy understand that the most important thing for a company is how to pay attention to employee welfare, one of which is by giving appreciation to them as a form of concern.

“Working at J99 Corp must always be in a comfortable atmosphere. This can be seen from the facilities and appreciation given to employees. We have to work, work, be happy. Not work, work, typhus," he said.


Halal Bihalal

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