More Complete with the Latest Features, Ruang Ngaji Application Receives the Award "Best Innovation for Completing Quranic Illiteracy Based on Mobile Applications in Indonesia in 2023"

The Ruang Ngaji application as software produced by J99 Corp received an award in the category "Best Innovation for Resolving Al-Qur'an Illiteracy Based on Mobile Applications in Indonesia in 2023".
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Malang, 19 Desember 2023. At not even two years old, Ruang Ngaji which is an application released by J99 Corp. through the J99 Foundation received an award from the Central Leadership Council of the Indonesian Islamic Religious Education Teachers Association (DPP AGPAII) for the category "Best Innovation for Resolving Al-Quran Illiteracy Based on Mobile Applications in Indonesia in 2023”. The awards were handed over on December 17 2023 at the same time as the final event of the 2nd National Islamic Religious Education (PAI) Olympiad which was held at the Auditorium of the Islamic University of Malang (Unisma). AGPAII gives awards to national figures who have concern and concrete evidence of contribution to Islamic religious education, so that Ruang Ngaji is the only application-based award recipient. 

aplikasi ruang ngaji

"The Ruang Ngaji J99 is the only platform for studying the Al-Qur'an and Islamic scientific treasures that provides the most complete facilities to its users. "We at AGPAII have high hopes that with this Ngaji Room we can become a learning medium for students throughout Indonesia, as a source of depth of knowledge and the best platform for Islamic education for Indonesia's future." we hereby conclude our points ketua DPP AGPAII Drs. H Endang Zenal M.Ag. "We really appreciate the existence of the Ruang Ngaji, so that AGPAII named it the best innovation in efforts to eradicate application-based Al-Quran illiteracy. The features in Ruang Ngaji are very useful for the development of Islamic religious education in Indonesia, and we really appreciate the efforts made by J99 Corp. through para founder-nya dan J99 Foundation dalam memberikan dampak baik bagi masyarakat, khususnya di bidang pendidikan.”

The Ruang Ngaji application can be accessed by both Android and iOS users, and is an innovation that is part of the parent company J99 Corp. The Koran Room was built with the aim of motivating people to be more enthusiastic about worshiping and getting closer to the Almighty, with easier access without being constrained by distance and time. Not only does it provide various menus for religious learning, so far the Koran Study Room is also full of interactive activities that allow people to increasingly enjoy the benefits of the various existing features. For example, in the month of Ramadan in 2023, the Online Koran feature will be featured in the Ruang Ngaji application thanks to the concept of face-to-face online Koran reading with a Koran teacher, through a program called Khatam Quran. Participants who get the best assessment from the Koran teacher also receive appreciation in the form of funding for the Umrah pilgrimage.

Founder Ruang Ngaji sekaligus J99 Corp., Shandy Purnamasari said, "The award from AGPAII further encourages Ruang Ngaji to further optimize its existence as a platform for Islamic information and education. Since its initial launch, Ruang Ngaji has strived to be a means of Islamic da'wah that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and whatever their background. Currently there are more than 25 thousand users Ruang Ngaji, of which more than 11 thousand are online Ngaji participants, is one of the favorite features of Ruang Ngaji. We want to present an option to the public that through the Ruang Ngaji application, users not only learn through technology but also have a direct humanist touch, for example in the Online Koran feature with our Koran teachers. "Therefore, we always strive to innovate to develop complete informative and educational features according to current societal needs and trends."

Coinciding with receiving the award from AGPAII, Ruang Ngaji also announced its newest feature, namely Fluent Arabic; which aims to provide language knowledge so that people can further understand the verses of the Koran and hadith so that their understanding of Islamic values becomes deeper. Ruang Ngaji has also updated its appearance and features, which consist of:

  1. Hajj & Umrah as procedures and guidance when performing the Hajj and Umrah.
  2. Yasin & Tahlil as a guide to reading the complete Yasin letter and tahlil. 
  3. The essence of the Qur'an as a guide to understanding the essence of the letters in the Koran.
  4. Digital Tasbih as a user guide when performing dhikr and wirid prayers.
  5. Worship and practice as a guide to worship through practices that can be done in everyday life. 
  6. Juz Amma as a guide in reading juz 30.
  7. Ziarah as a user guide to find out pilgrimage locations in the surrounding area.

These features increasingly complement the Ruang Ngaji application which was launched in 2022. Other features of the Koran Study Room include Online Koran, Al-Qur'an, Prayer Times, Islamic Quiz, Learning Arabic, Qibla Direction Marker, Islamic Stories, Zakat Calculator, and Information on the Nearest Mosque. All features can be accessed for free.


aplikasi ruang ngaji

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