J99 Corp. Presents "Train to Beauty" - The First Collaboration of Beauty Clinic and PT KAI in Indonesia

J99 Corp presents "Train to Beauty" as a form of collaboration between MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic and PT KAI Persero on Monday, November 13 2023 at Bandung Station.
Kolaborasi klinik kecantikan dan PT KAI Indonesia

Bandung, 13 November 2023. As a holding company that oversees dozens of business units with a main focus in the skin care and beauty industry, J99 Corp. again proves its commitment to providing benefits to the wider community. This unique collaboration was initiated by J99 Corp. through MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic in collaboration with PT KAI Persero, through a collaboration launched on Monday 13 November 2023 at Bandung Station. This is unique because it is the first collaboration between PT Kereta Api Indonesia and a beauty clinic. PT KAI passengers in various departments for Executive and Luxury classes, starting this November can get special prices for skin and beauty care as well as product purchases at all MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic branches owned by J99 Corp.

CEO J99 Corp., Ganesya Widya said, "The idea of J99 Corp collaboration. through the MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic with PT KAI, this is a proud collaboration for us, especially since PT KAI is a state-owned company providing the largest land transportation services in Indonesia. MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic and PT KAI both provide services and are oriented towards satisfaction and excellent service, so this similar spirit is what unites us which prioritizes customer satisfaction. "We hope that this collaboration will not only encourage improvements in service quality but also support meeting the community's needs for access to skin care and health."

For PT KAI Executive and Luxury class passengers or customers, getting a special price for the MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic service can be done easily, just show them boarding pass, within a period of up to 14 days after the departure date. Vouchers can be exchanged at all MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic branches owned by J99 Corp. in eight cities, namely: Malang, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Bandung, Bekasi, Depok, Medan and Yogyakarta. This is a plus and provides extra benefits for passengers starting in November 2023. To strengthen collaboration, MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic will also provide beauty workshops for PT KAI employees so they can increase their knowledge and skills in the fields of beauty, skin care and health.

"This is the first collaboration between PT KAI and a beauty clinic and we are very enthusiastic about this collaboration. We hope that KAI passengers will be increasingly satisfied with the services we provide: apart from comfortable and affordable travel, there is also the opportunity to try various treatments and products from J99 Corp. "through the MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic, which is renowned for its quality," explained EVP PT KAI Indonesia, Ririn Widi. "Apart from that, the benefits that also apply to all PT KAI employees will certainly support the company as well. In the service industry, appearance is very important, especially healthy skin. Staff you interact with customer "Hopefully we will be more confident and more professional in providing excellent service."

KAI passengers will get special prices with discounts of between 10% – 20%; while PT KAI employees will get a 15% – 25% discount. KAI passengers and employees can try various treatments at the clinic, such as PRP Treatment which uses blood plasma to rejuvenate and improve skin structure, Skin Booster with Salmon DNA, and various other advanced treatments. Vouchers are also valid for all types of MS GLOW products at the clinic. A comfortable journey by train is complete with healthy and glowing skin thanks to MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic!


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