J99 Corp. Through MS GLOW Donates 1 Billion Rupiah for Palestine Through BAZNAS

The donation handover was accompanied by a recitation and prayer together. Hundreds of MS GLOW sellers throughout Indonesia are involved in humanitarian donations.
MS Glow donasi untuk Palestina melalui Baznas

Jakarta, 21 November 2023. Civil society in Gaza, Palestine, continues to face worrying conditions today. More than 10,000 people were killed, and currently the people of Gaza are starving, without a house to shelter in, almost without water to drink. Many hospitals were destroyed by bombs and repeated attacks. J99 Corp. through its main business unit, MS GLOW, provides assistance and support to Gaza residents who are facing Israeli military aggression. Hundreds of MS GLOW resellers also participated in providing donations. Donations worth 1 billion Rupiah were delivered to the National Zakat Amil Agency (BAZNAS). It is hoped that this assistance will be part of a collective effort to overcome the terrible humanitarian crisis occurring in Gaza. 

“This initiative is a concrete manifestation of MS GLOW and J99 Corp's commitment. "to human values, for our brothers who are victims and trapped in the middle of the Gaza conflict in Palestine," explained founder MS GLOW, Shandy Purnamasari. "We hope that the donations made by MS GLOW and its resellers can provide the assistance needed and raise hope for the people of Gaza. "Therefore, we are very happy to be able to collaborate with BAZNAS, which is one of the official institutions appointed by the government to collect aid for the Palestinian people."

To date, BAZNAS has sent aid of more than 60 billion Rupiah to Palestine. In delivering aid, BAZNAS collaborated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the TNI Hospital Ship. “Trust from J99 Corp. This is a responsibility that we are ready to convey to our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Palestine. "We believe that this support and assistance can help alleviate all difficulties and provide goodness for the people of Palestine," he said Wakil Ketua BAZNAS RI, Mokhamad Mahdum.

Later, this donation will be used to buy the main necessities needed by the people in Gaza, such as food, medicine, medical equipment, baby equipment, mattresses, blankets and others. The symbolic handover of donations was carried out on Friday, November 24 2023 by the founders of MS GLOW and J99 Corp., couple Shandy Purnamasari and Gilang W. Pramana; to the Deputy Chair of BAZNAS RI, Mokhamad Mahdum, SE, MIDEc, Ak, CA, CPA, CWM. At this event held in Jakarta, also present was the Chairman of DKI Jakarta BAZNAS (BAZIS), Mr. Dr. Akhmad Abu Bakar, M.M and Habib Husein Ja'far Al Hadar who led the recitation and prayer together. Recitations and group prayers were attended by MS GLOW sellers who were involved in humanitarian donations. 

“The most noble worship in the sight of Allah is to make other people happy with alms, by helping them when they are in trouble. Assistance for our brothers in Gaza, carried out by J99 Corp. and MS GLOW through BAZNAS, God willing, is the right way to help, at the right time, in the right form, to the right people," said Habib Husein Ja'far Al Hadar in the recitation and prayer event with J99 Corp. .
“J99 Corp. and MS GLOW is always committed to contributing to having a good impact on the environment. May Allah make our good intentions a field of deeds of worship that will lead to heaven in the future. "Hopefully what we are releasing today will be something encouraging for our brothers in Gaza, Palestine, and give them hope and support," concluded Shandy Purnamasari.



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