Commemorating the Year of the Kanjuruhan Incident, J99 Corp. Provides Support for Victims' Families

J99 Corp. through the J99 Foundation provided assistance of IDR 100,000,000 to the Kanjuruhan Family Harmony Association
J99 Corp beri dukungan untuk tragedi Kanjuruhan, Malang

Malang, 6 Oktober 2023. The one-year anniversary of the events at the Kanjuruhan stadium still leaves sorrow for the families of the victims and survivors. October 1 2022 could be one of the black moments in the world of football, where the incident at the stadium claimed 135 lives and injured hundreds of people. Gilang W. Pramana, founder of j99 Corp. who has a business base in Malang, East Java, feels an inner and moral closeness to his favorite football team. This is what drives J99 Corp. through the J99 Foundation, making donations to the Kanjuruhan Family Harmony Association.

"Like the victims and survivors, I still feel the grief experienced by the families of the victims of the events of October 1 2022. No matter how big and strong our support is, it will still not be able to replace the loss experienced by the families," said Gilang W. Pramana, "This assistance is a form of respect and support for victims' families to show that they are not alone; We are still here to support the fulfillment of a sense of justice and humanity regarding the events of the past year. "This black momentum in the world of football must become a material for introspection and self-improvement for the Indonesian sports world in the future."

The J99 Foundation provided assistance of IDR 100,000,000 to a community called the Kanjuruhan Family Harmony Association, which consists of victims' families and survivors. Donations were handed over symbolically in a simple ceremony at the J99 Corp office. Unfortunately for the representatives of the victim's family.

Assistance will be focused on victims who have lost the backbone of their families, and educational compensation for children whose parents have abandoned them. 

“We are very grateful for the help and love from J99 Corp. who still care about the families of the victims and survivors," said Vincentius Sari, who is a representative of the Kanjuruhan Family Harmony Association. "The events of October 1 2022 in Kanjuruhan should be remembered and become material for reflection in the world of Indonesian football. Hopefully there will be no more incidents like this, and all the families left behind will be given strength. Moreover, until now, there are still many survivors and families of victims of the Kanjuruhan tragedy who continue to fight for justice.

The Kanjuruhan incident not only had an impact on the Arema FC community, but also on Indonesian football as a whole. It is hoped that the tragedy that occurred will serve as a reminder and introspective material for all parties to continue to improve in organizing football matches. J99 Corp. committed to continuing to support the football community, the world of Indonesian sports and society in the future.


J99 Foundation

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