Feel light and refreshed with Jiwater, Artesian Water by J99 Corp.

Artesian Water undergoes a natural filtration process so that it has superior quality compared to ordinary drinking water. Jiwater comes with a mild taste, rich in high minerals that are full of benefits.

Jakarta, September 20, 2023. Today J99 Corp. a holding company with various business units owned by Gilang W. Pramana and Shandy Purnamasari reintroduced its line of business in the form of bottled drinking water with a new label, namely Jiwater. Unlike drinking water in general, Jiwater is formulated in artesian water This is water that comes from beneath the layers of rocks in the ground. Because it has gone through a natural filtration process, artesian water has better quality. Jiwater is processed with the latest technology to retain various natural ingredients in the water while providing a unique and light taste with a fresh sensation. With this quality and excellence, Jiwater comes with benefits to support the freshness and health of the body. 

"Jiwater was born by combining natural water sources, artesian water which has many benefits for the body and cutting-edge technology. As a result, Jiwater retains various natural minerals from artesian water while providing a unique and light taste with a fresh sensation," said Gilang W. Pramana"So Jiwater can be drunk in large quantities without feeling bloated. Suitable as the best drinking water for those who prioritize quality and freshness." 

Jiwater (artesian water) J99 Corp

Shandy Purnamasari who was present at the Jiwater reintroduction event in Jakarta added, "The weather conditions that are hot and prolonged like today, make us have to be aware of the need for fluid intake or quality drinking water. We know that hot weather and pollution will have an impact on the body and skin. By consuming quality drinking water like Jiwater, not only helps hydrate and ensure the body gets the minerals it needs, but also moisturizes the skin." 

Jiwater comes more than just ordinary drinking water, but as a solution through artesian water. Natural ingredients contained in artesian water Among them are calcium, which is beneficial for bone health, fluoride for dental health and electrolytes, which are needed to regulate body acidity and restore energy after a long day of activities.  

"50-80% of the human body is water, so it is important to consume enough water every day to maintain our body's water composition. Water needs will vary from one person to another, depending on activity level and body weight. On average, healthy adults need anywhere from 2 to 3 liters of water per day," she explains. sports medicine specialist, dr. Sophia Hage, Sp.KO, "Choosing drinking water, of course, cannot be careless. We must ensure that the water we consume every day is clean and healthy. Plus, when exercising, it is important to make sure that every 20-30 minutes, we consume 200-300 cc of water. This is to prevent dehydration and ensure good exercise performance. The presence of electrolytes and minerals from drinking water is also important to maintain good organ function. 

"Consumption of at least 4 bottles of Jiwater every day, helps my body's metabolism run more smoothly, and the mineral content in it also helps the skin healthier," Sabrina Chairunnisa, a model and actress who makes Jiwater her main drinking water, explained, "My favorite thing about Jiwater, of course, is that it tastes fresh and is very suitable to accompany all activities, including exercising." 

Jiwater guarantees the process from upstream to downstream so that quality artesian water arrives in the hands of consumers. Starting from the water source, the packaging process to the finished product, always through laboratory tests accredited by KAN Certification (National Accreditation Committee) and in accordance with SNI. Jiwater is available in quality bottles in 250 ml and 500 ml packages, and can be obtained in supermarkets, distributors and shopping centers throughout Indonesia.



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