MS GLOW Celebrates 7th Anniversary with Spekta Indraloka, a Grand Gathering and Appreciation Event for Business Partners

MS GLOW held a grand gathering involving business partners, entitled Spekta Indraloka on its 7th birthday.
MS Glow memberikan reward kepada mitra bisnis

Jakarta, 22 Desember 2023. Commemorating its 7th anniversary, MS GLOW held gathering grand event involving business partners, entitled Spekta Indraloka. This title conveys the message of a spectacular event by highlighting the pride of Indonesian clothing, especially batik, which is a symbol of unifying the nation. Not only that, Spekta Indraloka is also interpreted as the highest dimension of happiness felt by women after facing many challenges and obstacles in their life journey. The celebration was a special moment where the founder of MS GLOW, Shandy Purnamasari, together with Maharani Kemala; focuses on giving appreciation to partners who have been the spearhead of the business. For the first time, this event also included MS GLOW For Men partners. Around 800 MS GLOW Beauty and MS GLOW For Men business partners from all over Indonesia will attend, as well as members public figure which become brand ambassador. MS GLOW Spekta Indraloka at the same time strengthens relationships and determines strategies to bring MS GLOW into existence brand increasingly capable beauty.

“Tema anniversary "We this year, Spekta Indraloka, are in line with MS GLOW's vision which wants to make all women happy and empowered, so that they feel beautiful, financially independent and become the best version of themselves," explained founder MS GLOW, Shandy Purnamasari. “The number seven philosophically symbolizes perfection and positive energy. The number seven for us is not just a change in age, but proof that in the past seven years we have controlled seven percent of the beauty industry market. In our 7th year, of course we want to be more enthusiastic about growing and giving value which is more than just physically beautiful, but also gives strength from within the soul. Through event this is what we provide reward as a form of appreciation for partners who have made achievements during their seven year journey with MS GLOW."

The same thing was said Maharani Kemala, "This annual event is what we have been waiting for because this is where the extended MS GLOW family can gather and stay in touch. Reaching the age of seven is not an easy thing for MS GLOW, especially in the midst of increasingly fierce competition in the beauty industry in Indonesia. We are very grateful to have business partners who are loyal and highly committed to moving forward with MS GLOW. "We give our highest appreciation to those who play an important role in spearheading the business and enabling MS GLOW to grow and develop."

The large number of business partners present shows that MS GLOW has experienced significant development in recent years. They consist of member, reseller to agents whose role is to distribute the best skin care from MS GLOW Beauty and MS GLOW For Men. Various awards and reward attractive based on the achievements of the partners, starting from precious metals, gadget; as well as spectacular prizes such as vehicles, apartments and houses; shared at this event. This is an appreciation for the work of business partners, but also to build enthusiasm and strengthen MS GLOW family relationships. 

One of MS GLOW business partner who also attended and received reward in this event, Sayu Putu Susi Antari, reveals his experience of gaining success. "I started as a housewife who was blind to social media, with capital of IDR 1,500,000 in 2016 I started selling MS GLOW because I liked using the product. At the beginning of selling, I did everything alone, starting from replies chat, packing, COD delivery customer. "MS GLOW gives me a lot of happiness and abilities that I didn't think I had, now after 7 years," he said.

Sayu Susi, a 47 year old woman, now has a large warehouse and office in Gianyar, dozens of employees and a shophouse for store in Denpasar, Bali. Initial introduction and meeting with founder MS GLOW, Shandy Purnamasari; purely from the sales network online on social media 7 years ago. Susi is now seriously pursuing business with her husband, and has launched various personal investments; and what is extraordinary is the large team of thousands seller who are currently joining Susi, not only from Bali but also from various regions in Indonesia. “One thing I am very grateful for about MS GLOW is our closeness to the students owner or founder, especially Mrs. Shandy Purnamasari. Here we do business professionally but we have an emotional closeness like family. "This is what makes me confident and consistent in continuing to be a MS GLOW partner," added Susi. 

In this event, apart from gathering akbar, various meaningful entertainment with Indonesian cultural themes was also presented, for the guests including public figure such as Raffi Ahmad, Melanie Ricardo, Nagita Slavina, Reza Artamevia, Lesty Kejora, Aaliyah Massaid, Marshell, Aan Story, and others. There is a Female Dalang Puppet event, a celebration with attractions archery, multimedia performances and special music from Reza Artamevia and singer Tulus. The event participants wore clothes according to the theme, making the event even more lively. 

MS GLOW Beauty and MS GLOW for Men are brand skin care and beauty which is the flagship business unit of the parent company J99 Corp. MS GLOW currently has more than 60 types of products, 1,100 shops and more than 100 thousand partners throughout Indonesia. MS GLOW is committed to making women beautiful physically and also have value berarti, mandiri secara finansial dan lebih berdaya.

"We hope that on this 7th anniversary, MS GLOW will be able to have a better impact on society and that more and more women will be empowered and more confident. "Hopefully MS GLOW can reach a wider market and have a long life so that it becomes a valuable legacy for future children and grandchildren and has an impact on Indonesian women in the future," concluded Shandy.



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