Welcoming the New Year, J99 Corp. Strengthens Innovation with the Launch of MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume

MS GLOW launched its newest product variant, namely MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume at the end of 2023, which was held at Margo City Mall, Depok.
Luncurkan MS Glow Aura Series Eau de Parfume

Depok, 17 Desember 2023. Always committed to being customer-oriented, J99 Corp. now presenting new innovations to coincide with the momentum ahead of Mother's Day and the New Year. J99 Corp.'s flagship business unit, MS GLOW, which is already known for its various skin care and beauty products, has added its newest product variant, namely MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume. The launch of MS GLOW perfume was held at Margo City Mall, Depok, with the theme "Raise Up The Real You" with the aim of inviting people to improve their aura. personal and uniqueness of yourself so you can appear more charming. MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume has a distinctive fragrance that can last up to 8 hours, making it suitable for modern society with a multitude of activities. What's more special, because Mother's Day is approaching, MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume will also present a portion of sales profits to 100 elderly mothers in Indonesian nursing homes.

Founder MS GLOW dan J99 Corp., Shandy Purnamasari revealed, "Even though it has been trusted by millions of customers with 60 types of products, 1,100 stores and more than 100 thousand seller throughout the country, MS GLOW does not stop innovating. We continue to follow trends and monitor market developments and community needs. We understand that currently using perfume has become a lifestyle whose function is not only to make the body feel fresh and fragrant, but also to improve mood, increase productivity, and build self-confidence. MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume has three strong aroma options that last up to 8 hours, namely Revival, Recharge, and Bollywood; which can be adapted to the personality of the wearer.”
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Here are 3 aroma variants, MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume:

  • Revival (blue) which has a fresh, warm aroma, with a soft floral impression, creating an alluring and immersive aura; 
  • Recharge (yellow) has a fresh, feminine scent with a touch of warmth on the finish, creating an elegant and vibrant aura;
  • Bollywood (red) which has a sweet, soft aroma, with warming spices, creating a bold, unforgettable and classy aura.

Not just concocting anything, MS GLOW explores the other side of aroma or fragrance. Scientifically, the olfactory response is linked to the emotional center in the human brain and is directly correlated with past experiences. According to 2011 research conducted by Masahiro et al, the positive emotions evoked by certain fragrances have been shown to reduce stress levels and improve overall mental outlook. Meanwhile, Stephen Warrenburg from Oxford University also believes that aroma can significantly reduce stress and improve mood.

Strengthened by psychologist Irma Gustiana A., A.Psi., M.Psi., who was also present as a resource person at the launch of the MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume, revealed how aroma can influence mood. "Aroma or fragrance can influence a person's mood because scientifically, aroma sends signals to the limbic system, which is the sector of the brain that controls memory and emotions. Certain scents can trigger memories and play a role in a person's emotional well-being. This trinity of scent, memory and emotion explains why scent has the power to influence our mood and psychological well-being.”

MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume can be obtained at the normal price of IDR 188,000.00 in 100 ml packaging. Period specific Special Launch Week Promo yang berlaku hingga hari ini di Mal Margo City, Depok dan event Jakarta X Beauty 2023 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), perfume lovers will get several benefits when buying this product. The promotion consists of: Buy 1 free 2 EDP mini, Buy 2 IDR300K only + free 1 EDP mini, dan Buy 3 IDR400K only + free 1 EDP mini. Ada juga promo Aura Series Discovery Set, yaitu IDR75K (3 pcs @5 ml, plus travel friendly parfum case).
More than just spreading an aura of fragrance, along with the launch of the MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume, Shandy Purnamasari also invites all perfume lovers to participate in social activities. "To coincide with the celebration of Mother's Day which falls on December 22 2023, MS GLOW is holding a Mother's Day Gift Program for 100 elderly people. Part of the profits from sales of the Aura Series will be dedicated to giving special gifts to elderly mothers in Indonesian nursing homes on Mother's Day. So the Aura Series perfume from MS GLOW not only radiates happiness to its users, but also has a noble mission to spread happiness to the people around them. And in the future, we hope that the MS GLOW Aura Series Eau de Perfume will receive a positive response from all perfume lovers in the country. It's not just enough here, we will also continue to innovate to present a collection of high quality MS GLOW products up to date," he concluded.



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