Gilang Juragan 99 Returns to Campus, Provides Entrepreneurship Motivation for Malang State University Students

Gilang W. Pramana supported the Expotive 2023 event presented by BEM UM by attending as a speaker. Support is also provided through various superior J99 Corp products. As well as ambulances for the campus and BEM UM.
J99 beri motivasi kewirausahaan pada mahasiswa UM

Malang, 6 November 2023. As an entrepreneur with roots in the city of Malang with various business units, most of which are based in Malang; Gilang W. Pramana alias Juragan 99 today showed his strong commitment to providing benefits to the surrounding area. Attending the event held by the Student Executive Board (BEM) of the State University of Malang (UM), Gilang reminisced about returning to his alma mater campus and meeting with the rector, lecturers and students. This was done as a form of Gilang's attention and concern for the campus which has become a bridge for him to be able to enter the world of work and the business world. The motivation to have a winning mentality was echoed in an event called EXPOTIVE 2023 on the UM campus.

"It's great to be back on campus, UM certainly has a special place in my heart. When asked to share experiences and provide motivation regarding the world of work and the business world; I was very excited and immediately ready. "As an alumni, I am happy to be able to support progress or positive activities like today," he said founder of J99 Corp., Gilang W. Pramana alias Juragan 99, who is an alumnus of the UM Faculty of Letters Class of 2007. "The world of work and the world of business is 'tough' and full of challenges and dynamics that are difficult to predict, therefore a winning mentality and enthusiasm to keep moving forward are the main capital that can be cultivated by young students from now on."

Echoing the inspirational spirit of alumni, BEM UM initiated an event with a format talkshow and creative expo for the first time; with the aim of making students and the general public who attend more open about the opportunities in the world of work and business that can be achieved. Becoming a UM alumni is no longer just about being a teacher or being involved in the world of education, but other work opportunities are very open.

“We are very touched and grateful that the alumni fully support today's event. We really need the experience of UM alumni like Mas Gilang Juragan 99 and will be useful for students and the general public. "This can also raise the image of the campus as well as provide inspiration that the opportunities out there are vast, and alumni can provide tips on how to be successful and conquer existing challenges," said Rizal Afnani, representative of the UM Student Executive Board (BEM) in 2023.

Apart from moral support and sharing valuable experiences in the business world, Gilang also played a role in EXPOTIVE 2023 activities by providing support from various J99 Corp business units. Superior products ranging from MS GLOW, MS Glow for Men, and Jiwater also colored the activities and could be enjoyed by all event participants. Additionally, through J99 Corp. Gilang also provided an ambulance to the campus through BEM UM as the event organizer.

“At J99 Corp. and all business units, I always bring a winning spirit and hope to inspire the nation. I hope that the support we provide to the UM campus can bring benefits in the long term; and not only for the academic community but also for the wider community," concluded Gilang.


Juragan 99

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